A. Brown Co., Inc.

AAA Pharma, Inc.          

AFP General Insurance Corp. 

Able Music Intíl Inc.          

Aboitiz Power Solutions Inc.     

Abot Kamay Inc.     

Accesscall Solutions, Inc.     

Act Media, Inc.      

AC Technical Services Inc.   

Ametrine Consulting, Inc.    

Acteon Phils. Corp.        

Adamson University  

Adarna House Inc. 

Aerotech Industries Phils., Inc.         

Aeroasia Intíl. Trading Corp.         

Air Phils., Inc.  

Ajinomoto Phils. Corp.   

Audiophile Components, Inc.   

ADD Research Paints & Chem. Inc.

Advanced Synergies Phils., Inc.    


Allied Savings Bank        


Airspeed Intíl. Corp. 

AG Ginance, Inc. 

AJA Registrars Inc.   

AJ Mark Realty & Devít. Corp.    

AGC Flat Glass Devít. Corp.   

Alchemco Phils., Inc.  

Alecto Gen. Tech. Corp.        

Allied Savings Bank  

Alphadent Corp.    

Amethyst IT Solutions, Inc.   

Ammex I-Support    

Amphil Food Concepts, Inc.  

Amici Foodservice Ventures,Inc.   

Anino Games, Inc.  

Answer Advertising Corp.  

Am-Phil. Food Concepts, Inc. 

Annkimted Enterprise Co.   

AP Renewables, Inc.      

Ark One Pte. Ltd.    

ARX Computer Center      

Ardent Communications, Inc    

Art Matrix Construc      

Ascend Indíl Supplies Inc.        

Asec Devít. & Const. Corp.    

Ashford Pharma. Labs., Inc.

Asia Industries - MHEC   

Asia Trans Intíl. Inc.   

Asian Hospital Inc.  

Asialink Finance Corp.     

Asiatic Devít Corp.      

ASP, Inc. 

Assumption Antipolo, Inc.    

Astra Marine Intíl. Inc.  

Aquahealth Pure Drinking Water, Inc.

Atlanta Industries, Inc.  

ATR Intíl. Freight Inc.   

Audiophile Components Inc.     

Gennex Solutions, Inc.

Goldwin Mfg. Lab. Corp..

Gold Patch Link Int’l. Inc.    

Golden Donuts, Inc.  

Goldilocks Bakeshop Inc             

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant         

Glad Tidings Publishing, Inc.  



Glaxo Wellcome Phils. Inc.     

Globaltech Automation, Inc.  

Global Phototech            

Globe Asiatique Inc.      

Gorgeous Foods Inc. 

Gothong Southern Shipping Lines Inc.     

Grand Asian Shipping Lines Inc. 

Green Cross Inc.

Greenfield Devít. Corp.     

Greenpole Indíl. & Trading Corp. 

GREPALIFE Corp.     

GSIS Family Bank  

Guard-All Electronic Security Sys., Inc. 

Habitat for Humanity, Inc.     

Harbour Centre Port Termíl. Inc.  

Hernano San Miguel Med. Foun 

Health Delivery Systems Inc.      

H&T Intíl Freight Inc.      

H&D Group of Companies, Inc. 

Hella Phils., Inc.    

Hilmarcís Construction Corp.  

Home Mutual Devít. Fund    

Hoegh Fleet Services Phils., Inc.     

HSF Phils. Inc.           

 HS Technologies (Phils.) Inc.      


IBS Electronics, Inc.           

Imatech Corp.  

Imavision Corporation

Innovatronix Inc.

Innovation Printshoppe

International Mailing Ltd. 

Intíl. Electric Wires Phils., Corp. (Tarlac) 

International Precision Inc.    

Insignia Travel Channel, Inc. 

Invensys Phils., Inc.Regalong Pambahay   

Ionics EMS, Inc.   

ITT Water Tech. Intíl. Inc.

Island Photo Center    

Island Transvoyager, Inc.   

Islandwide Corp.              

Isolve Employee Benefits Consultants

Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.          

Isuzu, Pasig     

Jalien Intíl Cargo Systems Inc.     

JCB Intíl. Co. Ltd.  

Jemerson Devít. Corp.     

Jewelmer Intl. Corp.           

JMD Intíl. Corp.  

Josiahís Catering, Inc.  

Morgan Chase Bank

JPN, Inc.  

JRL Trading

JVS Asia Inc.

Peoples Aircargo & Warehousing Co. Inc.

Petron Bataan  

Phil Commercial Capital

Phil. Desiccants Inc.

Phil. Food Asia Corp.

Phil. General Insurance Corp.

Phil. Normal University

Phil. Pharmawealth Inc.



Phil. Red Cross

Phil. Thermal Exchangers

Phil. Veterans Bank

Philam Savings Bank            

Phil. Seven Corp.            

Philamlife – EGAN Associates    

Philtown Properties, Inc.   


Pin Bolt General Merchandise

Piedra Systems Inc.                

Plastimer Indíl. Corp.

Planters Products, Inc.

Power Dimension Inc.

Pragmatic Devít. & Const. Corp.

Precision Crestec Inc.

Premium Agro-Vet Products, Inc.

Prescon Phils., Inc.

Pricon Microelectronics, Inc.

Promax International

Promark Industries Inc.

Promo Edge Corp.

Progressive Laboratories, Inc.     


Prulife UK            


Pycor, Inc.      

Qualibet Testing Services, Inc.

QCMP Inc.               

Quantum Care Med. Products         

Queen T. Enterprises, Inc.

Quickpak Moving & Storage

Quick Red Express Freight Logistics, Inc.

Ramja Industries  

Redmap Networks Asia, Inc.

Reedley International School   

Renewable Products Grp. Inc.                

Rexor & Co., Inc.

Reyes Hair Company

Republic Chemical Corp.

Richwell Trading Corp.     

RMD Kwikform Phils.             

Robinsons Homes Inc.

Robinsons Handyman Inc.

RRJM Intíl. Manpower Serv.Inc.

RSH Mktg. Phils. Inc.            

RS Video & Film Productions

Rohm Semiconductor Phils., Inc.

Rural Bank of San Juan

Rural Bank of Cainta

Rustan Supercenter                

SA Tech. Unlimited Inc.

San Roque Power Corp.

Sanyo Phils. Inc.

Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc.